Port Amelie



Port Amelie is a space to document my adventures and exploration of the world around me. As a slow fashion designer, singer, conscious consumer, and curious creative, I am passionate about the arts but easily find genuine interest in a wide range of topics. Especially cats. I am particularly enthusiastic about fair/repurposed fashion and textiles, modern-day consumerism, and a general less-is-more mentality. I strongly believe our choices make us who we are, and this space is me approaching my interests with purpose and intention. 

My life as an American living the local life in Germany has brought me a unique perspective on cultural diversity, communication, historical art and architecture, food, and taking the autobahn less traveled. On a typical day you'll find me upcycling for my slow fashion cause, my nose in a book, or being a general thrift store vintage magnet. Won't you join me?